Do you own a horse but don’t live on a farm? Do you want to buy a horse but have no where to keep it? Then you need to find local horse boarding stables. Horse boarding stables are stables that will board your horse. They’ll provide a stall, muck out the stall, feed your house, turn your horse out to pasture and call you if there are concerns or if needed call the vet first and then call you. The majority of horse owners don’t have room for their horse where they live, so horse boarding stables are pretty much everywhere.
The only problem with so many horse boarding stables is that some stable owners are in it for the money, not to care for horses. Horses need quality, individual attention wherever they are boarded. The facilities need to be well maintained. Make a list of the local horse boarding stables and then visit each place to look around and to talk owners of horses currently boarding there. Are the owners happy? Are the horses taken care of well?
I was at one boarding stable that also gave riding lessons nearby. The stable was full so they put fenced pens outside for other horses. There was no shelter and just dirt so when it rained the horses where standing in thick mud. No shelter from the sun, rain, hail, etc. Then the pasture had a low area that turned into muddy pond with rain. One horse walked in it to drink, got stuck in the mud and couldn’t get out. The horse got so exhausted he laid down and almost drowned if another horse owner hadn’t run out to keep the horse’s head above water. If stable owners know of a problem place like that, it should be fenced off so the horses can’t get into trouble. This is an example of a bad horse boarding stable.

By Timber

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