A day out in the woods with your equine friend is certainly incomplete without adequate riding gear. Riding your horse while sporting the good-old cowboy look of the 80s is something that all horse owners simply love.

If you live somewhere in the English Countryside, then finding cowboy hats, belts, and boots should not be a problem. In case you don’t want to step out of doors, you can also go online and select from the widest range of horse riding accessories.

Choosing a trendy boot

Choosing the right boot happens to be of utmost importance before you plan to go horse riding. Not only do boots help prevent foot and lower-leg injuries, but also keep your feet warm and cozy. Also, the style aspect cannot be taken out of the picture. Everybody loves sporting a pair old-school paddock horse riding boots. These boots provide ample protection to your feet and lower legs. Furthermore, if you are searching for a contemporary option that, then go for boots made of synthetic fabrics. Cotton canvas boots have gained quite a lot of popularity these days. 

A jacket sounds good as well

Keeping yourself warm and comfortable while enjoying a leisurely horse ride during the evening. Horse riding jackets help you keep cold at bay while redefining style. You can go for stylish quilted vests and Traditional English-style coats. It’s time to go back into the good-old-days of the 60s.

A horse rider’s incomplete without a stylish hat

Well, many of you might disagree, but a horse riding kit is certainly incomplete without a stylish and trendy hat. Those wanting superior head protection can opt for riding helmets. Get a western-style hat if you wish to go back in time. 

Make sure you keep all your accessories handy before stepping out of the sheds in order to enjoy a leisurely horse ride. 

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